GOD’S FOREKNOWLEDGE: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? JACK COTTRELL – JUNE 2016 My adult Bible study class (First Church of Christ, Greendale, IN) has been studying the book of Romans. Today was our second Sunday on Romans 8:29, and our focus … Continue reading


JOHN 6:65 AND CALVINISM Jack Cottrell – November 2015 QUESTION: In John 6:65 Jesus says, “For this reason I have said to you, that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted him from the Father.” This … Continue reading

Calvinism and Foreknowledge in Romans 8:29

CALVINISM AND FOREKNOWLEDGE IN ROMANS 8:29 Jack Cottrell — March 2015 QUESTION: Romans 8:29 clearly says that God predestines people to heaven based on his foreknowledge. This seems to undermine the Calvinist view of unconditional election. But Calvinists argue that … Continue reading


QUESTION: Did Jesus’ divine nature include omniscience? Was Jesus all-knowing? If so, how do we explain Matthew 24:36? ANSWER: Many crucial Christian beliefs are involved in the answer to such questions, e.g., the immutability (unchangeableness) of God, the nature of … Continue reading

Does God’s Foreknowledge Negate Man’s Free Will?

QUESTION. It seems to me that divine foreknowledge does not eliminate human free will, but several people that I know believe that it does. They say that if God knows what will happen tomorrow, that means it is an established … Continue reading

God’s Foreknowledge in the Bible

QUESTION: Does the Bible teach that God knows the future? ANSWER: This is the question of divine foreknowledge. One of the main attributes of God is called “omniscience,” which literally means the knowledge of everything. As usually applied, to say … Continue reading