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by Jack Cottrell on February 3, 2011

Someone asked me recently to make a list of my available books.  I thought some of you may be interested in the list, so I am publishing it here, mostly as written for another purpose.

I, Jack Cottrell (Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary), have taught theology at Cincinnati Christian University for 43 years.  During this time I have written 21 books, 16 of which are still in print.  The following is a list of these available books.  The first eight are available from College Press Publishing Co., P. O. Box 1132, Joplin, MO 64802 (phone 1-800-289-3300).  The last nine are available from Wipf and Stock Publishers, 199 W. 8th Avenue, Suite 3, Eugene, OR 97401 (phone 1-541-344-1528; web site ).

The prices given are retail, but the publishers usually give a small discount for internet orders.  Anyone desiring multiple titles and/or copies may be able to get a better price from me.  You can ask about this by sending me a Facebook email message.


I.          Books published by College Press.

God Most High: What the Bible Says about God the Creator, Ruler, and Redeemer. (College Press, 2012). This is a condensation and an update of the three original books on God (1981-1984). It does include a CD with the full content of those original volumes, though.

Baptism: A Biblical Study.  171p, pb, $12.99,  2nd  edition with study questions, 2006.  This is an in-depth but clear explanation of the 12 NT texts that speak about the meaning or purpose of baptism.  Discussed are Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-16; John 3:3-5; Acts 2:38-39; Acts 22:16; Rom. 6:3-4; 1 Cor. 12:13; Gal. 3:26-27; Eph. 5:25-27; Col. 2:11-13; Titus 3:5; 1 Peter 3:21.  Taking account of the Greek text, this study shows that all 12 passages depict baptism as a salvation event.

The Faith Once for All:  Bible Doctrine for Today.  624p, hb, 2002, $34.99.  This comprehensive systematic theology gives a concise but thorough explanation of every doctrine in the Bible, subject by subject.  There are 33 chapters in all, with extensive Scripture and subject indexes.  The theological position is conservative, non-Calvinist, and amillennial.
The Faith Once For All; Bible Doctrine For Today On Google

The College Press NIV Commentary: Romans, one-volume edition.  559p, hb, 2005, $39.99.  This commentary was originally two volumes (1,024p), but was condensed by Terry Chaney (Ozark Christian College) and me.  Included with this edition is a CD containing the entire text of the original.  This work begins with the NIV translation, but its conclusions are drawn from a careful study of the Greek text.  The commentary is both exegetical and theological.  It addresses historical and contemporary theological issues, especially those raised by Calvinistic theology.

Bible Prophecy and End Times.  59p, pb, 8.5 x 11, 2008, $10.99.  This contains the complete text of a 12-part sermon series on the biblical teaching about prophecy and eschatological issues.  These sermons present the biblical data while showing the fallacies of the premillennial view.  Sample chapters are “The Four Heavens,” “Israel in Prophecy,” “Are We Headin’ for Armageddon?”, “What is the Rapture?”, and “What About Hell?”

Set Free! What the Bible Says About Grace.  401p, hb, 2009, $29.99.  This book covers the subjects of sin and salvation.  It is composed of the contents of my signature course at Cincinnati Christian University, “The Doctrine of Grace.”  It attempts to present an alternative to traditional Restoration Movement views of salvation, which tend toward works-righteousness, and to typical Protestant views, which embrace an invalid faith-only approach.  Emphasized are themes such as assurance of salvation, justification by faith, law codes vs. the law system, faith & works, baptism & grace, original grace, and regeneration/sanctification.  This book can revolutionize your faith and revitalize your church.

Power from on High: What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit.  506p, hb, 2007, $36.99.  This is a comprehensive study of the Bible’s teaching about the Holy Spirit, taking into account both Restoration Movement and Evangelical views.  It explains the personhood and deity of the Spirit; His relation to the Bible (including a critique of the doctrine of illumination); His work in OT times; the significance of Pentecost; the Spirit’s work before, in, and after conversion; the meaning of “baptism in the Holy Spirit”; and spiritual gifts.  It defends a cessationist view of miraculous gifts.

Headship, Submission, and the Bible:  Gender Roles in the Home.  334p, pb, 2008, $24.99.  Part One (10 chapters) deals with submission; Part Two (14 chapters) deals with headship.  This book exposes the feminist myth of “mutual submission” between husband and wife.  It also details the feminist attempt to create (ex nihilo) a new and unfounded meaning for the Greek word for “head” (kephalē), namely, the concept of “head” as “source.”  The book focuses on the meaning of Ephesians 5:21-6:9, along with other relevant texts such as 1 Corinthians 11:3.


II.         Books now available from Wipf and Stock Publishers.

What the Bible Says About God the Creator.  518p, pb (originally College Press 1983), $43.00.  This is the first volume of my trilogy on the biblical doctrine of God.  As usual the focus is on what the Bible says, as I explain God’s work of ex nihilo creation plus the divine attributes exhibited therein.  The point here is not to contrast creation and evolution, but to explore the fact and meaning of the initial origination of the universe as such.  Major attributes discussed are divine transcendence (ontological holiness), infinity, aseity, omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, foreknowledge, and glory.

What the Bible Says About God the Ruler.  465p, pb (originally College Press 1984), $45.00.  This is the second volume of the trilogy on God, focusing on God’s work of providence and the divine attributes associated therewith.  The point is to explain how God is related to the ongoing post-creation universe.  A main thrust of the book is to refute the Calvinist (determinist) view of God’s relation to the world.  Discussed are the distinction between general and special providence, divine sovereignty & free will, the nature of miracles, the will of God, predestination, prayer, and the problem of evil.

What the Bible Says About God the Redeemer.  598p, pb (originally College Press 1987), $48.00.  This is the third volume of the trilogy.  Discussed here are God’s work of redemption via Jesus Christ, non-biblical alternatives to salvation as redemption, and the doctrine of the Trinity.  Also discussed are some of the major attributes of God:  his righteousness, holiness, wrath, love, mercy, grace, and immutability.  Attention is given to the tension between the two sides of God’s nature (holiness and love) that results from the presence of sin, and the cross as the only resolution to this tension.

Tough Questions, Biblical Answers Part One.  122p, pb (originally College Press 1985), $16.00.  This work of 13 chapters serves as a study book on ethical problems for Bible classes and small groups.  It covers subjects related to two main areas of ethics:  (1) sexuality and marriage (including the meaning of sex, the morality of sex, homosexuality, divorce & remarriage, and gender roles), and (2) the stewardship of time and property (including the meaning of work, labor strikes, the use of leisure time, property ownership, capitalism, poverty, and ecology).

Tough Questions, Biblical Answers Part Two.  130p, pb (earlier Standard Publishing and College Press), $17.00.  This 13-chapter book covers subjects related to two more categories of ethical issues:  (1) justice and human government (purpose of government, responsibilities of citizenship, socio-political action, capital punishment, war), and (2) human life and personhood (abortion, euthanasia, human engineering, racism).  Also discussed are anger and pride.

Solid! The Authority of God’s Word.  123p, pb (earlier: Standard Publishing, Baker Book House, and College Press), $17.00.  Its 13 lessons deal with such subjects as Jesus and the Bible, the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, reasons for believing the Bible, dealing with difficulties in the Bible, and the authority of the Bible.

13 Lessons on Grace.  103p, pb, $14.00.  Originally published as Being Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough by Standard Publishing, then by College Press under the present title, this 13-lesson book presents the doctrines of sin and salvation in an easy-to-understand format.  It is a kind of mini-version and prototype of Set Free!

His Truth: Scriptural Truths About Basic Doctrines.  116p, pb (earlier:  Standard Publishing and College Press), $15.00.  This is a brief 13-lesson survey of most of the major doctrines of the Bible:  Scripture, God, man, sin, death, grace, Jesus, conversion, justification, sanctification, and assurance.

Faith’s Fundamentals:  Seven Essentials of Christian Belief.  95p, pb (originally Standard Publishing), $14.00.  This little book explains the seven beliefs without which the church cannot be the church:  (1) there is such a thing as truth; (2) God is real; (3) the Bible is God’s Word; (4) Jesus is our Savior; (5) Jesus is God’s Son; (6) we are saved by grace, through faith, in baptism; and (7) Jesus is coming again.  These seven truths are derived from an analysis of the apostolic preaching and teaching presented to the early church, mostly as recorded in the book of Acts.

New Books:

“Studies in First Peter” by Jack Cottrell
From – for $16.00
Christian Restoration Association for $12.00 plus s&h (Phone 513-229-8000; email –
Also on Amazon
Studies in First Peter: 35 Lessons for Personal or Group Study by Jack Cottrell
Paperback $ 16 00
Studies in First Peter by Jack Cottrell – Kindle Edition $ 7 99

“Saved by Grace: The Essence of Christianity” by Jack Cottrell
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$9.99 Paper Back
$3.99 Kindle


I have written four other books which are not at the present time in print:

His Way (my first book: a small book on the ten commandments)

Feminism and the Bible:  An Introduction to Feminism for Christians (1992, 358p)

Gender Roles and the Bible:  Creation, the Fall, and Redemption (THE definitive work on the faulty hermeneutics that underlies evangelical feminism!)

The Holy Spirit: A Biblical Study (pb, 131p, hopefully just out of stock for a while


Also LOGOS Bible Software has a free APP and you can purchase the following books to read electronically in the LOGOS App (last checked 5/2016):
What the Bible Says about Grace: Set Free! – $23.99
What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit: Power from on High – $26.99
The Faith Once for All: Bible Doctrine for Today – $31.99
Baptism: A Biblical Study – $11.99
The Holy Spirit: A Biblical Study – $9.99
Headship, Submission and the Bible: Gender Roles in the Home – $20.99
The College Press NIV Commentary: Romans, Volume 1 – $19.99
The College Press NIV Commentary: Romans, Volume 2 – $19.99
Logos 7 Basic for Windows Free
Kindle Books: Now available in Kindle format on Amazon (last checked 5/2016):
The Faith Once for All: Bible Doctrine for Today – $9.99
Baptism: A Biblical Study – $8.99
Holy Spirit: A Biblical Study – $7.99
Some of the Kindle boos are also available in other languages.
Kindle Books with Jack Cottrell as one of the authors?
Perspectives on Election – $2.99

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