About Jack

Jack W. Cottrell Academically, Jack has a BA and a ThB from Cincinnati Christian University; a BA in philosophy from the University of Cincinnati; an MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary; and a PhD in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. He was a Professor of Theology at Cincinnati Christian University from September 1967 to December 2015 — a total of forty-eight and one-half years.

Personal Information Jack Cottrell has been married to his beautiful wife Barbara since 1958. They have three children and four grandchildren. They minister at the First Church of Christ in Greendale, Indiana, and live just outside of Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Dr. Cottrell has been writing and publishing articles ever since his days as a seminary student. His first book (His Way) was published in 1973, and his most recent (his 21st, God Most High) was published in 2012.

Personal Interests Those who know Jack know he is a HUGE fan of University of Kentucky basketball and bluegrass music. You may know he likes to read mystery novels (spy novels, thrillers). You may not know that he likes to watch Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments. You certainly know that he likes to help others come to a clearer and more specific understanding of Biblical and doctrinal issues. He regularly interacts with inquirers in this forum, on Facebook, and in The Restoration Herald.

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