For those who have studied (or want to study) the first six mini-essays on “Grace Distinctions” that I have been posting, here is a TRUE-FALSE exam you can take. (I will post the correct answers later.) NOTE: answer every question assuming that you are a CHRISTIAN.

1. As a creature, I am under the absolute authority of the Creator-God.

2. I am living under the grace system of salvation.

3. I am obligated to obey the law commands that are addressed to me as one living in the New Covenant era.

4. Because I am a sinner, God addresses me in his role as the Savior-God.

5. I am saved by grace through faith, but not by works of law.

6. As my Creator, God gives me laws I must obey.

7. I must obey the gospel commands in order to receive salvation.

8. I am living my life under a law code.

9. God has given me two kinds of commands to obey: law commands and grace commands.

10. As a Christian I am living under the law system.

11. Obeying grace commands is a kind of works.

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