WHAT KIND OF “ROCK” IS PETER? Jack Cottrell – February 2018 QUESTION: Does Matthew 16:18 say that the Apostle Peter is the ROCK on which the church is built? Does this support the Roman Catholic teaching that Peter was the … Continue reading

The Bible, the Church, and Catholicism

THE BIBLE,THE CHURCH, AND CATHOLICISM Jack Cottrell – March 2015 QUESTION: My Roman Catholic friend says that the Bible is not our final authority. Rather, the Church itself (understood as the Catholic Church) is our final authority because the church … Continue reading

The Visible and the Invisible Church

The Visible and the Invisible Church by Jack Cottrell (Notes) on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 7:49pm HERE IS ANOTHER QUESTION recently received: “In a lesson on the Protestant Reformation Roger Chambers makes the claim that the invisible church, as … Continue reading